All teachers at our school are experienced professionals with specialized education and many years of experience teaching languages to bilingual children and teenagers. All instructors must undergo a rigorous selection process which includes an interview as well as several trial lessons which they must conduct personally with the director of the school. It’s worth mentioning that the director of Bingo is herself an experienced instructor of foreign languages, as well as several other languages, and has a great deal of experience with children and teenagers. Here you can see our instructor’s resumes. We will be happy to provide original documents demonstrating the level of education and experience of our teaching staff!
The Bingo school is a branch of the Language Life school. The latter has been operating since 2013 and is one of the leading online schools for foreign languages. In fact, we’ve never had any such complaints. The payment scheme is very simple: you transfer money directly to the school and we then pay the teachers ourselves. Besides, if you prefer, payment may take place separately after each lesson, which guarantees accuracy in accounting and the security of your payment. At your request, we can also provide documentation showing the transfer of money into our account.
First, you sign up for the course that you have chosen. Then we send you all the essential information about lessons, and also the contact information for the teacher, whom you may then contact directly. After the lesson, you again contact us in order to make payment. Communication with your teacher never takes place through a manager at the school. Instead, you can contact the teacher directly regarding organization of lessons, schedule, study materials and other concerns.
Our lessons are taught using the latest editions of leading materials for bilingual children as well as additional materials by specialists studying bilingualism in children. Our instructors create their own materials and make use of various online resources for lessons.
The virtual blackboard is one of our main tools for online lessons. During the lesson, you and your teacher create an electronic document containing the material covered in that lesson, which can later be viewed at any time. We also use special services for creating images, mind maps, word clouds and other infographics, as well as recording audio and video.
The director of the school and main coordinator of its work is Yulia Amlinskaya. Yulia has extensive experience teaching foreign languages through Zoom and Skype and is also the founder of online schools for foreign languages.
Bingo uses a flexible and logical pricing system. The cost of each lesson depends on the amount of lessons paid for and on which program is chosen. Courses are divided into two groups: standard and specialized. We offer discounts to regular clients. The first lesson (30 minutes) is considered a trial lesson and is free of charge (not including sessions used for assessment testing or individual consultation with parents). If you wish, payment may take place after each lesson.