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From OPOL to Mixed Language: Exploring Strategies for Multilingual Families

08 May 2024

Parents’ main question when using foreign languages at home is which strategy to follow. OPOL, or “One Person, One Language,” is a popular strategy used in multilingual households to promote language development in children. It is a golden standard of bilingual improvement, but some families find it difficult consistently support this approach. Considering the limitations […]

Handwriting Wonders: The Art of Incorporating Handwriting in Language Education

20 Jan 2024

The importance of handwriting skills is undeniable, especially when dealing with handwritten text. A poorly developed graphic skill can lead to sloppy and illegible handwriting, causing difficulties in tasks like note-taking, letter writing, and leaving messages, which often involve manual work distinct from typing on electronic devices. Despite the increasing prevalence of digital communication, real-world […]

Language Testing’s Impact on Bilingual Children’s Lifelong Learning

15 Aug 2023

In the journey of nurturing bilingual children, testing emerges as an essential factor in language development. The assessment of language proficiency plays a pivotal role in monitoring a child’s linguistic advancement and ensuring their growth in both languages. Various indicators signal a strong command of the language, including the ability to discern words and sentences […]

Raising Resilient Third Culture Kids

03 Jun 2023

Third culture kids have accompanied their parents for work or study overseas during their significant developmental years, before 18. They are often described as people who build relationships with all of the cultures they have lived in, but not having full ownership in any, so they have “the culture between cultures”. “To be special and […]

Print and Digital Reading Habits in Bilingual Families

02 Mar 2023

Are there any doubts to say that our kids belong to the generation of “digital natives”? However, it is a point of contention to prove whether digitalization is good for engaged reading. If we want to improve all the languages in our families, we may focus on reading. Who reads more independently and holds attention […]