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Online Hungarian classes for all levels

Bingo School offers online Hungarian lessons in both individual and group formats with professional instructors who are native speakers and have extensive experience working with children.

Our Hungarian courses have been designed to meet the needs of a wide range of learners, using the latest technology to make the learning process fun. You can choose from any of the courses offered or request a course designed specifically for your needs. Our lessons provide high quality instruction at an affordable price.

Hungarian Courses for Bilingual Children

Kakskeelsetele lastele ja noorukitele Hungarian keele õpetamise meetod erineb põhimõtteliselt lähenemisviisidest, mida tavaliselt kasutatakse Hungarian keele kui võõrkeele õpetamisel. Kakskeelsed lapsed räägivad juba hästi oma teist emakeelt, kuid vaatamata sellele pädevusele ei saa nende keeletaset võrrelda nende ükskeelsete eakaaslaste tasemega, kellele see keel on emakeel.

Meie Hungarian keele tundide eesmärk on laiendada sõnavara erinevates valdkondades ja täita lüngad õpilaste teadmistes, samuti pakkuda keelelist ja kultuurilist komponenti, mis võib sisaldada elemente selle riigi kultuurist, kus kõneldakse.teist õpitavat emakeelt.

Sageli kaotavad kakskeelsed õpilased motivatsiooni keele ja kultuuri vastu, sest nad elavad selles keelekeskkonnas, kus seda keelt ei räägita. Meie Hungarian keele tunnid kakskeelsetele õilastele keskenduvad keele ja kultuuri õppimise motivatsiooni, kultuuridevahelise suhtluse ning laste ja noorukite individuaalsete huvide ja hobide edendamisele.

Our Hungarian Courses for Kids

Naše kurzy sú navrhnuté s ohľadom na vek detí a zahŕňajú viaceré aktivity, ktoré im pomôžu zvládnuť jazyk.

Hungarian Course for Preschoolers

Our language course for preschoolers includes many activities, such as: gaining familiarity with the alphabet, learning vocabulary on various topics, and practising main communicational situations. How do we make our lessons easy and fun? We developed this course based on rotating interesting, creative activities that include interactive exercises, role-playing games, meta-subject competencies, songs, poetry, and even drawing.

Hungarian Course for Primary Students

The activities included in our language course include reading and writing, using vocabulary and practising grammar in everyday communicational situations. We will work on these areas to ensure students feel at ease when speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Our teachers use different materials in this fun, clear learning process, such as: teaching , written texts, and a large selection of interactive exercises.

Hungarian for Teens

Our language course for teens course includes the following activities: reading (adapted and non-adapted books), studying grammar through repetition and various types of exercises, using vocabulary on main topics of interest for the student and taking into account their individual learning goals, practising spoken language with peers and through teleconferences.
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    Creative and individual teaching approach

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Other Teachers

  • Zhuldyz Zh.
    Zhuldyz Zh.
    Kazakh language teacher
    - Tutor at Summer School in Kazakh and Eurasian Studies (SSKES) at Nazarbayev University, 2022, June-2022, July; - Chair of the Department of read more
  • Masato A.
    Masato A.
    Japanese language teacher
    The CV of our Japanese teacher is available upon request. read more
  • Marianne N.
    Marianne N.
    Dutch language teacher
    The CV of our Dutch teacher is available upon request. read more
  • Agne S.
    Agne S.
    Lithuanian language teacher
    – Teacher and lecturer of Lithuanian as a Foreign Language, mother tongue and second mother tongue at British School of read more
  • Olga P.
    Olga P.
    Latvian language teacher
    Rijnlands lyceum den haag Latvian language teacher Latvian language and Literature teacher Tallinn European School Eesti Since 2017 - Teaching Latvian Language and read more
  • Ludmila H.
    Ludmila H.
    Czech language teacher
    1997 – till now Private entrepreneur: Independent consultant, teacher of Czech and English as foreign languages, translator, Interpreter, project read more


Margaret (UK)
Emma (USA)
Linda (Spain)
Kemal (Germany)
Katarzyna (UK)
Olena (USA)
Marie (France)

We couldn't be happier with the online French lessons for children that we've found on BingoSchool site! As parents, we've always believed in the importance of providing our kids with a well-rounded education, and learning a second language is high on that list.

When we decided to introduce our children to the French language, we were initially concerned about finding the right platform and teacher. However, our worries quickly faded away when we discovered these fantastic online French lessons.

The convenience of online lessons cannot be overstated. It's so easy to fit these sessions into our family's busy schedule, and the flexibility they offer is a game-changer. No more rushing to and from in-person classes or dealing with traffic – everything happens right in the comfort of our home.

But what truly sets these lessons apart is the incredible teacher who conducts them. Our children absolutely adore their French instructor. Marie has a unique ability to make learning fun and engaging. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and she brings the language to life with games, songs, and interactive activities. Our kids eagerly look forward to their lessons each week, and that in itself is a testament to the teacher's skills.

We've been amazed at how quickly our children have progressed in their French language skills. They've gone from simple greetings to forming sentences and even holding basic conversations. It's incredible to see their confidence grow with each lesson.

Additionally, the online platform provides us with a wealth of resources and materials that complement the lessons. We can easily review what our children have learned, and this reinforcement has been instrumental in their language development.

In short, we wholeheartedly recommend these online French lessons for children. They offer convenience, a fantastic teacher, engaging content, and, most importantly, results. Learning a new language has never been this enjoyable, and our kids are reaping the benefits of these lessons every day. If you're looking for an excellent way to introduce your children to French, this is undoubtedly the way to go."

We are incredibly grateful for the online Spanish lessons with Jorge our bilingual children have been receiving on BingoSchool platform. As parents committed to nurturing our children's multicultural identity, these lessons have been a tremendous asset to our family.

Raising bilingual children is a rewarding but sometimes challenging journey. While our children are already fluent in English, we wanted to ensure they maintained a strong connection to their Spanish heritage and further developed their language skills. Online Spanish lessons have proven to be the perfect solution.

What truly sets these online Spanish lessons apart is the exceptional quality of instruction. The teachers are not only native Spanish speakers but also experienced educators who understand the nuances of teaching a second language to bilingual children. They've tailored the lessons to our children's unique needs, ensuring that the content remains engaging and challenging.

We've been delighted to witness our children's progress in their Spanish language proficiency. From initially hesitating to speak Spanish to now holding conversations and expressing themselves fluently, the transformation has been remarkable. These lessons have not only strengthened their language skills but also deepened their connection to their cultural heritage.

The online platform provides an extensive range of resources, making it easy for us to continue practicing and reinforcing what our children have learned between lessons. This additional support has been instrumental in their language development.

I am thrilled to share my experience with Italian lessons for bilingual children with Chiara at Bingo School. As a parent of two bilingual kids, I was determined to enrich their language skills and cultural awareness. That's when we discovered the incredible Italian lessons offered by Bingo School.

From the very first class, it was clear that these lessons were something special. The teachers at Bingo School possess a remarkable ability to create a fun and engaging learning environment. They understand the unique needs of bilingual children and tailor their lessons accordingly.

What truly sets these lessons apart is their holistic approach. Not only do they focus on language acquisition, but they also incorporate Italian culture, history, and traditions. My children have not only improved their Italian language skills but have also gained a deep appreciation for the rich Italian heritage.

The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to suit different age groups and proficiency levels. Whether your child is a complete beginner or already has some Italian knowledge, they will find a suitable class. The lessons are interactive and incorporate games, songs, and storytelling, making learning Italian feel like an exciting adventure.

What's even more impressive is the progress my children have made. Within just a few months, they were able to hold basic conversations in Italian and understand simple Italian stories. I am confident that these lessons have laid a strong foundation for their future language development.

I can't express how grateful I am for the positive impact these Italian lessons with Chiara have had on my children. They have not only gained a new language but also a lifelong appreciation for the beauty of Italian culture. I highly recommend Bingo School to any parent looking to enrich their bilingual children's lives through quality language education.

We are delighted to share our positive experience with online Turkish language lessons at BingoSchool for our German-speaking children. These lessons have been an invaluable addition to our children's education, opening up new horizons and cultural connections.

As a multicultural family living in Germany, we've always strived to provide our children with a well-rounded understanding of the world. Learning Turkish, a language deeply intertwined with our heritage, was a priority for us. However, finding suitable resources for our children proved to be a challenge until we discovered these online Turkish lessons.

The online format of these lessons has been a true blessing for our family. With our busy schedules and various commitments, the flexibility to schedule lessons at convenient times has made a world of difference. It eliminates the need for commuting, allowing our children to comfortably learn from home while receiving high-quality instruction.

One of the standout aspects of these online Turkish lessons is the exceptional quality of teaching. The instructors are not only native Turkish speakers but also experienced educators who understand the unique challenges that German-speaking children may encounter while learning Turkish. They have skillfully tailored the curriculum to match our children's language proficiency, ensuring that the lessons are engaging, age-appropriate, and effective.

Our children genuinely enjoy their online Turkish lessons. The instructors use interactive activities, multimedia resources, and engaging exercises that make learning Turkish enjoyable and memorable. These lessons have sparked a genuine interest in our children to explore Turkish culture, history, and traditions, further enriching their language experience.

We've been thrilled to witness our children's progress in Turkish. From initially learning basic vocabulary and phrases to now confidently conversing in Turkish, their language skills have blossomed. These lessons have not only empowered them to communicate with relatives and connect with their Turkish heritage but have also broadened their global perspective.

Bingo School offers the flexibility and convenience that modern families need while delivering high-quality instruction that promotes fluency and cultural understanding. Our children's journey to mastering Turkish has been enriched by these lessons, and we couldn't be happier with the results.

I cannot express how grateful I am for the incredible online Polish lessons that have opened up a world of language and culture for my children. Living in the UK, we faced a significant challenge when it came to finding Polish language education options for our kids. Traditional offline schools were scarce, and the few that existed were not easily accessible. That's when we discovered Bingo School, and it has been a game-changer for our family. The teacher, Radoslaw, is just excellent!

The lack of offline learning opportunities for Polish in our area was a source of frustration for years. We wanted our children to not only connect with their heritage but also be able to communicate with our extended family back in Poland. Bingo School came to the rescue, offering comprehensive online Polish lessons that are perfectly tailored to English-speaking children.

The convenience of online learning cannot be overstated. With busy schedules and limited options in our local community, these lessons provided a lifeline. We no longer had to worry about commuting or finding a suitable offline school with qualified teachers. The virtual classroom experience was seamless and engaging, allowing our children to learn from the comfort of our home.

What truly sets these online lessons apart is the quality of instruction. The teachers are not only native Polish speakers but also experts in teaching children. They understand the unique challenges English-speaking kids face when learning Polish and have designed a curriculum that caters to these needs. The lessons are interactive, fun, and age-appropriate, ensuring that our children remained engaged and excited to learn.

We've seen incredible progress in our children's Polish language skills. They can now confidently converse with our Polish relatives, read Polish books, and even understand Polish TV shows and movies. It's been a transformative journey that wouldn't have been possible without the online Polish lessons from Bingo School.

Thanks to Bingo School, our children are not only preserving their cultural roots but also expanding their horizons. If you're in a similar situation with limited offline learning opportunities, I wholeheartedly recommend Bingo School to help your children embark on their Polish language and cultural journey.

My family and I are incredibly grateful for the online Ukrainian language lessons that our bilingual children received at Bingo School with Sophia. Our children, who had struggled with reading and writing in Ukrainian, have made remarkable progress thanks to these lessons.

Before enrolling them in this program, our kids had a difficult time keeping up with their Ukrainian language skills. Being bilingual in a foreign country can be challenging, and their school didn't provide enough support for maintaining their proficiency. As parents, we were worried about their ability to communicate effectively with their grandparents and relatives back in Ukraine.

But from the very first lesson, it was clear that this program was a game-changer. The dedicated and highly skilled teachers not only improved our children's reading and writing abilities but also instilled a deep love for the Ukrainian language and culture. The lessons were engaging, age-appropriate, and tailored to each child's individual needs.

What impressed us the most was how patient and encouraging the instructors were. They created a nurturing environment where our children felt comfortable making mistakes and learning from them. This approach not only boosted their confidence but also accelerated their progress.

Over time, we witnessed a transformation in our children's language skills. Their reading and writing abilities improved significantly, and they began to express themselves more fluently in Ukrainian. The online format allowed for flexibility in scheduling, which was a lifesaver given our busy family life.

Thanks to these lessons, our children now excel in both English and Ukrainian. They've not only bridged the gap in their language skills but have also developed a deeper connection to their heritage. We can now confidently say that they are truly bilingual, and they proudly communicate with their Ukrainian relatives in a way that brings joy to our hearts.

We wholeheartedly recommend these online Ukrainian language lessons for bilingual children. They have made a world of difference in our family's life, and we're sure they will do the same for others seeking to preserve their cultural and linguistic heritage.

I cannot express how thrilled we are with the online Chinese language lessons that our French children have been taking online with Yahan. These lessons have been an incredible journey for our family, opening up new horizons and providing invaluable cultural and linguistic enrichment.

As parents, we wanted our children to have the opportunity to learn a language that is not only challenging but also highly valuable in today's globalized world. Mandarin Chinese seemed like a daunting choice, especially for young learners, but this online program made it accessible and engaging from day one.

The quality of instruction has been exceptional. Our children's teachers have demonstrated a deep understanding of the challenges French learners might face when acquiring Chinese, and they've been patient, encouraging, and effective in their teaching methods. They've not only imparted language skills but also shared fascinating insights into Chinese culture, which has ignited a curiosity and respect for diversity in our kids.

The online format has been a blessing for us. It allows for flexibility in scheduling, enabling our children to continue their studies while managing their regular school workload and extracurricular activities. The interactive nature of the online lessons has kept our kids highly engaged, and the one-on-one sessions have allowed for personalized attention and rapid progress.

Seeing our children speak, read, and write in Chinese has been a source of immense pride and joy for our family. It has broadened their worldview and given them a unique advantage for future opportunities. We are confident that the skills they are acquiring now will serve them well in their academic and professional lives.

We highly recommend these online Chinese lessons for French children to any parents seeking to provide their kids with a strong foundation in Mandarin. It's an investment in their future that we believe will pay off in countless ways.

Thank you to the dedicated team behind these lessons for making this remarkable journey possible. Our children are not just learning a language; they are embarking on a lifelong adventure in understanding and connecting with the world.

Frequently asked questions

All teachers at our school are experienced professionals with specialized education and many years of experience teaching languages to bilingual children and teenagers. All instructors must undergo a rigorous selection process which includes an interview as well as several trial lessons which they must conduct personally with the director of the school. It’s worth mentioning that the director of Bingo is herself an experienced instructor of foreign languages, as well as several other languages, and has a great deal of experience with children and teenagers. Here you can see our instructor’s resumes. We will be happy to provide original documents demonstrating the level of education and experience of our teaching staff!
The Bingo school is a branch of the Language Life school. The latter has been operating since 2013 and is one of the leading online schools for foreign languages. In fact, we’ve never had any such complaints. The payment scheme is very simple: you transfer money directly to the school and we then pay the teachers ourselves. Besides, if you prefer, payment may take place separately after each lesson, which guarantees accuracy in accounting and the security of your payment. At your request, we can also provide documentation showing the transfer of money into our account.
First, you sign up for the course that you have chosen. Then we send you all the essential information about lessons, and also the contact information for the teacher, whom you may then contact directly. After the lesson, you again contact us in order to make payment. Communication with your teacher never takes place through a manager at the school. Instead, you can contact the teacher directly regarding organization of lessons, schedule, study materials and other concerns.
Our lessons are taught using the latest editions of leading materials for bilingual children as well as additional materials by specialists studying bilingualism in children. Our instructors create their own materials and make use of various online resources for lessons.
The virtual blackboard is one of our main tools for online lessons. During the lesson, you and your teacher create an electronic document containing the material covered in that lesson, which can later be viewed at any time. We also use special services for creating images, mind maps, word clouds and other infographics, as well as recording audio and video.
The director of the school and main coordinator of its work is Yulia Amlinskaya. Yulia has extensive experience teaching foreign languages through Zoom and Skype and is also the founder of online schools for foreign languages.
Bingo uses a flexible and logical pricing system. The cost of each lesson depends on the amount of lessons paid for and on which program is chosen. Courses are divided into two groups: standard and specialized. We offer discounts to regular clients. The first lesson (30 minutes) is considered a trial lesson and is free of charge (not including sessions used for assessment testing or individual consultation with parents). If you wish, payment may take place after each lesson.