Faith H.

English language teacher

Valodu zināšanas

Russian – A1
Kazakh – A1
Malay – C1


- Trinity School of Music, Qualification in Piano Performance and Theory

- University of London, BA English

- London Teacher’s Training College, Qualifications in Vocabulary, Teaching One-to-one, Teaching Online, Teaching Pronunciation,

- Massey University, PhD in Education Psychology (currently pursuing)

Darba pieredze

- I have 17 years cumulative teaching experience, specializing in TESL
- I have experience teaching in schools (international and private), private language institutes and experience in private tutoring
- I am able prepare students for international qualifications such as TOEFL, IETLS, Cambridge, and TESOL
- I have owned and managed my own English language learning institute in Asia
- I have extensive experience in education counseling for children and parents

Ģimenes stāvoklis

I am married with bilingual/trilingual children.

My teaching approach:

I believe in a child-centered approach, focusing on the health and development of the “whole child”.

I believe that each child has his or her own individual pace of learning. My classes focus on finding that pace and adjusting that pace over the course of our learning.

I believe that a teacher should be able to laugh, talk and bond with a student in order to create a more sustainable and supportive learning environment for both the student and teacher.