Lusine G.

Armenian language teacher

विदेशी भाषाएँ

Armenian (Eastern) - mother tongue
Armenian (Western) - C2
English - C2
Russian - C1
French - A2
Spanish - A2

शिक्षा (International Teacher Development Institute), Certificate of Accomplishment, 2016

Yerevan State University, Ph.D. (Eastern and Western Armenian), 2005

Yerevan State University, Master’s degree, philologist, teacher of Armenian Language and Literature, 1989-1994

पेशेवर अनुभव

Lecturer of Armenian language
- teaching Eastern and Western Armenian at Yerevan State University,
- teaching Armenian as a second language at Yerevan State Linguistic University,
- teaching Armenian at Military University

Scientific worker
- reading, editing, completing and proofreading the Dictionary of Toponymy of Armenia and adjacent territories

Teacher of Armenian language
- teaching to primary and secondary schoolers at Shirakatsi college

Editor, proofreader
- editing and proofreading school workbooks, scientific and historical books, newspapers

CEO and Armenian teacher
- launching the "Go Natural Armenian" online project in 2015 and teaching Eastern and Western Armenian to English speakers worldwide online since then

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