Olena (USA)

My family and I are incredibly grateful for the online Ukrainian language lessons that our bilingual children received at Bingo School with Sophia. Our children, who had struggled with reading and writing in Ukrainian, have made remarkable progress thanks to these lessons.

Before enrolling them in this program, our kids had a difficult time keeping up with their Ukrainian language skills. Being bilingual in a foreign country can be challenging, and their school didn’t provide enough support for maintaining their proficiency. As parents, we were worried about their ability to communicate effectively with their grandparents and relatives back in Ukraine.

But from the very first lesson, it was clear that this program was a game-changer. The dedicated and highly skilled teachers not only improved our children’s reading and writing abilities but also instilled a deep love for the Ukrainian language and culture. The lessons were engaging, age-appropriate, and tailored to each child’s individual needs.

What impressed us the most was how patient and encouraging the instructors were. They created a nurturing environment where our children felt comfortable making mistakes and learning from them. This approach not only boosted their confidence but also accelerated their progress.

Over time, we witnessed a transformation in our children’s language skills. Their reading and writing abilities improved significantly, and they began to express themselves more fluently in Ukrainian. The online format allowed for flexibility in scheduling, which was a lifesaver given our busy family life.

Thanks to these lessons, our children now excel in both English and Ukrainian. They’ve not only bridged the gap in their language skills but have also developed a deeper connection to their heritage. We can now confidently say that they are truly bilingual, and they proudly communicate with their Ukrainian relatives in a way that brings joy to our hearts.

We wholeheartedly recommend these online Ukrainian language lessons for bilingual children. They have made a world of difference in our family’s life, and we’re sure they will do the same for others seeking to preserve their cultural and linguistic heritage.

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