Marie (France)

I cannot express how thrilled we are with the online Chinese language lessons that our French children have been taking online with Yahan. These lessons have been an incredible journey for our family, opening up new horizons and providing invaluable cultural and linguistic enrichment.

As parents, we wanted our children to have the opportunity to learn a language that is not only challenging but also highly valuable in today’s globalized world. Mandarin Chinese seemed like a daunting choice, especially for young learners, but this online program made it accessible and engaging from day one.

The quality of instruction has been exceptional. Our children’s teachers have demonstrated a deep understanding of the challenges French learners might face when acquiring Chinese, and they’ve been patient, encouraging, and effective in their teaching methods. They’ve not only imparted language skills but also shared fascinating insights into Chinese culture, which has ignited a curiosity and respect for diversity in our kids.

The online format has been a blessing for us. It allows for flexibility in scheduling, enabling our children to continue their studies while managing their regular school workload and extracurricular activities. The interactive nature of the online lessons has kept our kids highly engaged, and the one-on-one sessions have allowed for personalized attention and rapid progress.

Seeing our children speak, read, and write in Chinese has been a source of immense pride and joy for our family. It has broadened their worldview and given them a unique advantage for future opportunities. We are confident that the skills they are acquiring now will serve them well in their academic and professional lives.

We highly recommend these online Chinese lessons for French children to any parents seeking to provide their kids with a strong foundation in Mandarin. It’s an investment in their future that we believe will pay off in countless ways.

Thank you to the dedicated team behind these lessons for making this remarkable journey possible. Our children are not just learning a language; they are embarking on a lifelong adventure in understanding and connecting with the world.

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