Linda (Spain)

I am thrilled to share my experience with Italian lessons for bilingual children with Chiara at Bingo School. As a parent of two bilingual kids, I was determined to enrich their language skills and cultural awareness. That’s when we discovered the incredible Italian lessons offered by Bingo School.

From the very first class, it was clear that these lessons were something special. The teachers at Bingo School possess a remarkable ability to create a fun and engaging learning environment. They understand the unique needs of bilingual children and tailor their lessons accordingly.

What truly sets these lessons apart is their holistic approach. Not only do they focus on language acquisition, but they also incorporate Italian culture, history, and traditions. My children have not only improved their Italian language skills but have also gained a deep appreciation for the rich Italian heritage.

The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to suit different age groups and proficiency levels. Whether your child is a complete beginner or already has some Italian knowledge, they will find a suitable class. The lessons are interactive and incorporate games, songs, and storytelling, making learning Italian feel like an exciting adventure.

What’s even more impressive is the progress my children have made. Within just a few months, they were able to hold basic conversations in Italian and understand simple Italian stories. I am confident that these lessons have laid a strong foundation for their future language development.

I can’t express how grateful I am for the positive impact these Italian lessons with Chiara have had on my children. They have not only gained a new language but also a lifelong appreciation for the beauty of Italian culture. I highly recommend Bingo School to any parent looking to enrich their bilingual children’s lives through quality language education.

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