Katarzyna (UK)

I cannot express how grateful I am for the incredible online Polish lessons that have opened up a world of language and culture for my children. Living in the UK, we faced a significant challenge when it came to finding Polish language education options for our kids. Traditional offline schools were scarce, and the few that existed were not easily accessible. That’s when we discovered Bingo School, and it has been a game-changer for our family. The teacher, Radoslaw, is just excellent!

The lack of offline learning opportunities for Polish in our area was a source of frustration for years. We wanted our children to not only connect with their heritage but also be able to communicate with our extended family back in Poland. Bingo School came to the rescue, offering comprehensive online Polish lessons that are perfectly tailored to English-speaking children.

The convenience of online learning cannot be overstated. With busy schedules and limited options in our local community, these lessons provided a lifeline. We no longer had to worry about commuting or finding a suitable offline school with qualified teachers. The virtual classroom experience was seamless and engaging, allowing our children to learn from the comfort of our home.

What truly sets these online lessons apart is the quality of instruction. The teachers are not only native Polish speakers but also experts in teaching children. They understand the unique challenges English-speaking kids face when learning Polish and have designed a curriculum that caters to these needs. The lessons are interactive, fun, and age-appropriate, ensuring that our children remained engaged and excited to learn.

We’ve seen incredible progress in our children’s Polish language skills. They can now confidently converse with our Polish relatives, read Polish books, and even understand Polish TV shows and movies. It’s been a transformative journey that wouldn’t have been possible without the online Polish lessons from Bingo School.

Thanks to Bingo School, our children are not only preserving their cultural roots but also expanding their horizons. If you’re in a similar situation with limited offline learning opportunities, I wholeheartedly recommend Bingo School to help your children embark on their Polish language and cultural journey.

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