Emma (USA)

We are incredibly grateful for the online Spanish lessons with Jorge our bilingual children have been receiving on BingoSchool platform. As parents committed to nurturing our children’s multicultural identity, these lessons have been a tremendous asset to our family.

Raising bilingual children is a rewarding but sometimes challenging journey. While our children are already fluent in English, we wanted to ensure they maintained a strong connection to their Spanish heritage and further developed their language skills. Online Spanish lessons have proven to be the perfect solution.

What truly sets these online Spanish lessons apart is the exceptional quality of instruction. The teachers are not only native Spanish speakers but also experienced educators who understand the nuances of teaching a second language to bilingual children. They’ve tailored the lessons to our children’s unique needs, ensuring that the content remains engaging and challenging.

We’ve been delighted to witness our children’s progress in their Spanish language proficiency. From initially hesitating to speak Spanish to now holding conversations and expressing themselves fluently, the transformation has been remarkable. These lessons have not only strengthened their language skills but also deepened their connection to their cultural heritage.

The online platform provides an extensive range of resources, making it easy for us to continue practicing and reinforcing what our children have learned between lessons. This additional support has been instrumental in their language development.

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