Marie (France)

I cannot express how thrilled we are with the online Chinese language lessons that our French children have been taking online with Yahan. These lessons have been an incredible journey for our family, opening up new horizons and providing invaluable cultural and linguistic enrichment. As parents, we wanted our children to have the opportunity to […]

Olena (USA)

My family and I are incredibly grateful for the online Ukrainian language lessons that our bilingual children received at Bingo School with Sophia. Our children, who had struggled with reading and writing in Ukrainian, have made remarkable progress thanks to these lessons. Before enrolling them in this program, our kids had a difficult time keeping […]

Katarzyna (UK)

I cannot express how grateful I am for the incredible online Polish lessons that have opened up a world of language and culture for my children. Living in the UK, we faced a significant challenge when it came to finding Polish language education options for our kids. Traditional offline schools were scarce, and the few […]

Kemal (Germany)

We are delighted to share our positive experience with online Turkish language lessons at BingoSchool for our German-speaking children. These lessons have been an invaluable addition to our children’s education, opening up new horizons and cultural connections. As a multicultural family living in Germany, we’ve always strived to provide our children with a well-rounded understanding […]

Linda (Spain)

I am thrilled to share my experience with Italian lessons for bilingual children with Chiara at Bingo School. As a parent of two bilingual kids, I was determined to enrich their language skills and cultural awareness. That’s when we discovered the incredible Italian lessons offered by Bingo School. From the very first class, it was […]

Emma (USA)

We are incredibly grateful for the online Spanish lessons with Jorge our bilingual children have been receiving on BingoSchool platform. As parents committed to nurturing our children’s multicultural identity, these lessons have been a tremendous asset to our family. Raising bilingual children is a rewarding but sometimes challenging journey. While our children are already fluent […]

Margaret (UK)

We couldn’t be happier with the online French lessons for children that we’ve found on BingoSchool site! As parents, we’ve always believed in the importance of providing our kids with a well-rounded education, and learning a second language is high on that list. When we decided to introduce our children to the French language, we […]